Shame on YOU Mr President

Ada's Poetry Alcove
2 min readJan 6, 2021

Shame on you Mr.President for being the one to desecrate our democratic process. The options are not if I win it’s fair if I lose it’s rigged. You’ve lost over 60 court battles on election fraud and still you will not accept the results. Donald J Trump you are a spoiled brat!!!

You continue to tell blatant lies and incite your base. Now You have disrupted the congress from certifying the election. Are you proud of yourself? America has always had a peaceful transition of power. This was one of the beauties in our government, the people choose, the new leader steps in and rules until the next peaceful election. Now you’ve made a mockery of the US election process. What jerk!!! The violence today is on you, but with out the republican senators support, you would have been held accountable long ago. They should take a good hard look at their motives, mainly what can I do so the Trump base votes for me in four years, not what’s in the constitution, and not what is best for America. You senators has have been enablers of this ignorant commander-in-chief and should be held accountable as well. It would probably serve right if you actually had to be treated for the tear gas from the Trump supporters.

***You Mr. Trump are the cause of this violence today at Capital, as well as the indulging representatives and senators. This is a real shame.

***American Democracy brought down by a racist, xenophobic, narcissistic, disagreeableness, small mind man and the party that cared only about career not country.