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  • Bella Bello

    Bella Bello

    Depressed but found solace in poetry & fiction. I share exclusive works of art ranging from poems to fictions to short stories. Subscribe for terrific contents.

  • Kelsea Cole

    Kelsea Cole

    Writer, poet, author, hippie, lover. Owner of https://plantcenteredhealing.com/

  • Lisa Spray

    Lisa Spray

    I 💕nature, photography, writing & travel. I find deep sharing heals. All with sincere faith are my spiritual family. Editor: The ❤️of Quran. Join us there 🤝.

  • Jamie Steidle

    Jamie Steidle

    Freelance writer, English professor, Bardolator, part-time reasoner, infrequent blogger and consumer of coffee and other fine caffeinated beverages.

  • Dan Leicht

    Dan Leicht

    Fiction writer. Coffee enthusiast. Writer of romance, mystery, and humor. “The Centennial Courtship” out now on Kindle! “One Town Over” on Kindle Vella!

  • Julie Von Nonveiller Cairnes

    Julie Von Nonveiller Cairnes

    Shaman healer, spiritual counsellor, mystic and medium. Love your work.

  • Laura Manipura

    Laura Manipura

    Writing from the heart. Poetess, book-lover, mistress of organization.

  • Rolli


    Author/cartoonist. Words/drawings for New York Times, Playboy, Wall Street Journal, Saturday Evening Post, Reader’s Digest. https://twitter.com/rolliwrites

  • Chas Wyatt https://raindrops.substack.com

    Chas Wyatt https://raindrops.substack.com

    Artist, writer. https://raindrops.substack.com

  • Jacqueline Dooley

    Jacqueline Dooley

    Essayist, content writer, bereaved parent. I love birds, mushrooms, trees, my amazing kid, & a very tiny poodle. Featured in Human Parts, GEN, Marker & OneZero.

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