Day 791 –Time With My Grandson — Haibun Journey Beauty Each Day

Today’s beauty came in spending time with my grandson. He came home with us on Saturday night, without his sister. He has decided he wanted to be baptized so he came to speak with the minister. Since his sister was not along I allowed him to work in my sewing room making another bird. He made a bluejay about two years ago. That time he ran over his finger, but continued quilting anyway. This day he sat on my lap to sew. He started by drawing a tree swallow, then he choose the fabrics he wanted for the bird and traced these on the fabric using the window as a light box. Next we sat at the machine and discussed the way the stitching needed to go to look like feathers or fur. We finished the bird and watched a movies together. His pride in his work and his smile were very rewarding. We had lots of time today for talking and hugs,

light rainfalls
new statues pose on neighbors porch
no, stray rabbits



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