Day 769 — Light- Haibun Journey Beauty Each Day

Today’s beauty was light. The day started out with a soft amber light filtering through the blinds. When I looked out the window the sun ray’s were glistening off the neighbors chimney. I went outside and enjoyed the sunlight shining on the wet garden plants. There were beautiful long tree shadows across the lawn. As I drove to and from my hospice patient’s house I enjoyed the play of light. Later I worked on some glass creations. I loved the effect of bring them out in the sunlight. They sparkled and glistened spectacularly. Before the light faded I retook my garden pictures from yesterday. Somehow the camera got stuck on the fishbowl effect so I was able to reshoot most of them.

It’s interesting how a little bit of sunshine can brighten the day, increase beauty, and change the outlook. Light in the dark keeps us from stumbling, light in our lives restores our balance.

morning light
a jenny wren sings
an aria

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