Day 756 — Reorganization — Haibun Journey Beauty Each Day

Today’s beauty is reorganization in my sewing studio. At Christmas I had moved and reorganized my entire sewing room. I built new shelves and moved most of my fabric back in the room. I had just gotten use to the new layout and made necessary tweaks, things like hooks for my glasses and magnets so I can reach needles when needed to tuck threads. Anyway I had to reorganize it again and make a seven by five foot area for a new long arm machine. I’ve been working all week on that and cleaning up from the remodel the bathroom and laundry room. My machine came today and we somehow got it up the stairs and all set up. When we finished I got a call from the company and they said they’d be out next week to set everything up, including moving it up stairs to the studio. (I shouldn’t tell my husband this.) When we finished we had sandwiches on the front porch and just enjoyed a bit of a rest and all the birdsong. I worked all day and it feels good to have everything organized again. Even managed to clean and organize the kitchen pantry and the cabinets under the sink.

long afternoon
sunlight trickles through the window
followed by birdsong



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