Day 662 — A Beautiful Life- Haibun Journey Beauty Each Day

Today’s beauty recognizes the remarkable life of a dear friend who will be setting heaven a blaze tonight. Today I mourn the lose of a friendship of 27 years. We met when I first moved to our town. She was one of the most experienced teachers and I was fairly new. We actually did the first collaboration experiment between special ed and regular ed in our county together. She was a stern but wonderful teacher, mother, grandmother, and friend. She always quietly gave money to help people in any way they needed. She had more than her share of yet, was still able to comfort others and be a blessing to all she touched. For the past several years, since it was difficult for her to get out she has hosted our prayer group. She alway’s had tea and fresh baked cookies and fruit for us. She definitely has be instrumental in helping me as I sometimes struggle with my faith. I can say her life was a beautiful legacy. She has touched the lives of many children and helped to form them into conscientious adults. She was a friend to many. I love her and wink miss her. I hope I achieve to spread even a small portion of the good she has done in her eighty three years.

beyond the fields
the sun sets just the same
blazing orange

my tea grows cold
with a heavy heart I sigh
aimlessly stirring



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