Day 563 — Sewing Machine- Haibun Journey Beauty Each Day

Today’s beauty is an old singer sewing machine. I believe it is from 1926. My husband bid on it on an online auction and picked it up for me today. I was really surprised when he came to me and said he had bid on this treadle machine. It will take some work to restore it. The decals and all are beautiful. A little TLC will restore the metal plates with all their designs. I know I can order a stitch plate and bobbin and shuttle on line. The downside is that someone removed the treadle and the wheel that operate the machine. These cast iron parts may be hard to find. I do have a friend that has converted some electric machines to work with a treadle so I will start there. If I can track her down she will probably know just what I need.

Front and Back of 1926 Singer Machine

a thing of beauty
hidden amongst the thorns
autumn flower.



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