Day — 495- My Daily Thoughts Haibun Journey — Alice Allison Dunnigan

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1 min readFeb 7, 2021

Today I chose Alice Allison Dunnigan. She was a journalist, civil rights activist and author from Kentucky. As a girl Alice wrote for the black paper, the Owensburg in Owensville. Alice had a great love of learning and a desire for self-improvement which helped her become the successful writer she became.

She became a reporter in Washington DC and went on to be the first African American woman to get a press pass for the Whitehouse in 1948. In 1961 Alice became the education consultant to the president’s Committee of Equal Employment. In 1966 she worked as Information Specialist for the department of Labor and in 1967 was the associate Editor with the president’s Commission on Youth Opportunities.

Throughout her career Alice Dunnigan fought to make known social injustice and also overcome racism.

with pen and ink
from schoolhouse to Whitehouse
fighting injustice