Day 444 –Blueberries — Haibun Journey Beauty Each Day

Today started out as a beautiful day, with rain and the sweet scents of the garden. After church we went to my parents to celebrate Father’s Day. Later, we went to my sister’s house and picked blueberries between rain showers. The berries were various beautiful shades of lavender and blue. There were at least four different types, each with their own tastes and qualities. I did not realize that some were for eating plain, some for jellies and some for baking. My husband who does not like blueberries was talked into trying some by my sister. He actually ate several and seemed to enjoy the flavor much more than store bought blueberries. I have a feeling he still would rather I fix them in muffins rather than fresh. And so I end this 1000th episode a thousand happy thoughts, and several thousand blueberries.

the rush of rain
through the open window
the scent of mimosa



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