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2 min readDec 14, 2020


Day -441 — My Daily Thoughts Haibun Journey — Appalling

I find yesterday’s trump protests appalling. One person was shot in Olympia, Washington and 4 more were stabbed near the capital. What are the republican leaders thinking, continuing to back the maniacal mad man in the Whitehouse? The president swore an oath to uphold the constitution and so did these congressmen. He lost, he needs to leave. We have always had a peaceful and respectable transfer of power. Why the *#/@**# are people worshipping at the feet of this orange headed clown? Democracy s crumbling and the republican leaders are certainly helping to widen the fissures.

On a more positive note the Geminids meteor shower peeks tonight between 11pm and 4 am. You should be able to start seeing them around 10 pm. I love meteor showers. As a child I would stay out all night laying on the rough driveway long after my sisters trickled back to their beds watching. Even my brother found it too uncomfortable and left me alone. The skies we much darker then at my parent’s house because the city had not yet encroached. It was wonderful to be engulfed in a cloak of darkness and then see a fiery blaze sore overhead. We use to wake our little ones and bundle them up and lay under a sleeping on the sidewalk to watch. I think the Perseid shower is favored by us, not because of the show as much as the weather. It also often peeks near my daughter’s birthday and is how we end our celebration.

warm summer nights
crickets chirp in the darkness
stars and comets blaze


snuggling close
we search the sky
for fiery delight

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