Day -376- Daily Haibun Journey — Unfit

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5 min readOct 10, 2020

If you ignore all the daily lies, and downplay the misinformation about the Covid virus, the rudeness, inappropriate tweets and failure to condemn white supremacism, the president’s actions today deem him unfit for office.

He still insists on having his White House rally tomorrow with an invited 2000 people and he won’t even report if he has a negative covid test. His medical reports do not say when he last had a negative test, or even state his temperature. We are being told it is his personal medical results and not open to the public. After the first super spreader event at the WH you would think a person with concern for others would not plan another such event. Even if half the people showed up it would be jam packed in a time of a pandemic. He just wants adulation and plans a rally in Florida on Monday as well, despite his risk of spreading virus. He should quarantine for the next twenty days rather than lie to his followers and put their health at risk/ because they believe him. Either his judgement is impaired, or he is just a stupid idiot with no respect for others at all. Trump should put up or stay put if he can’t show his Covid test result, but instead is doubling down on dumb.

Trump talked to Rush Limbaugh today for two hours and after a big inflated numbers ego boost from Rush about the thousands of people supporters listening to him. Trump basically told his supporters that if Iran’s leaders would “f — k around” with the United States they would face sever consequences. “If you f — k around with us, if you do something bad to us, we are gonna do things to you that have never been done before,” the president said. With 44 predecessors none have ever had the need to use the “F” word in a public statement. Also on this two-hour chat with Rush he proved that republicans are lying about their stand on abortion. Today Rush Limbaugh was celebrating the medicines for corona virus which Trump was given which used stem cells from an aborted fetus. Republican senators lie about being opposed to abortion when they are keeping silent about the vaccines being pushed through for corona virus which are using stem cells from aborted fetuses. You know if these vaccines are effective Rush and these Republicans who claim they are opposed to abortion are going to use them. They are not opposed to abortions as part of their religious beliefs as they claim to their voters who truly are opposed. I have to wonder why in the world republicans have sold their souls to Trump despite the lies and corruption happening daily.

Third today is Trumps virtual silence on the attempt of his supporters to kidnap and execute the Michigan governor because she is trying to keep her state healthy by following CDC guidelines. They also planned to storm the capital and were making explosives for blowing up a bridge to prevent the police from stopping them. 13 men were arrested and 6 were arraigned today. Trump only criticized the governor for not thanking him and complained he didn’t get credit for the FBI’s work. This is domestic terrorism fueled by our racist, narcissistic president. The white house is pushing that we shouldn’t put any significance on right winged extremist groups and white supremist groups but on foreign terrorist. These heavily armed militia groups are all over the country, with 23 confirmed groups just in Michigan. And yes, you should be concerned and afraid.

We have yet another potential Trump crime in 2016 reported today by NYT of “highly unusual” campaign funds. He lied to his supporters that he was “self-funding his campaign”. He borrowed 30 million seven weeks before the 2016 election. He could potentially be up charges of tax evasion, campaign fraud and many more problems. Read here about the sudden windfall in the 2016 as campaign funds dwindled.

We are in for a bumpy road in the days ahead. Our president is pushing that any outcome where he doesn’t win is a rigged election. He is causing decent, helping spread a pandemic virus and encouraging extreme right winged militia groups.

More than two hundred thousand are dead because of the virus and the cases are up 12% just in the last week. It is predicted that by January 2,900 thousand people could be dying daily. Instead of giving his results he does a virtual televised ”medical exam” stunt on FOX news. If he is doing the proper course of treatment he should be on the medications for 10 days and you are not cleared for 20 days after contracting the virus. If he had truly negative results, he would say it instead of being so vague. He today refuses to participate in the debate because it is not in person due to his virus status and the potential that he will infect others. It was also shown today that that the CDC had asked for masks on all public transportation since this spring and the Whitehouse refused mandatory requirements for transportation workers and does not have the back of the American people. If he would put through mask mandates he could help stop the spread of this disease and could have potentially saved thousands of lives.

He refuses to condemn white supremacists and other far right militia groups and his rhetoric is actually empowering these groups. He touts pole watchers as an army of 50 thousand ready to fight voter fraud no one can prove exists. The use of his “strong army” of pole watchers is another one of his ways to intimidate and threaten voters, especially minorities.

Because of fear people will not stand up to the president and vice president They fear of losing their jobs, and fear having their reputations destroyed. Our politicians and tasks forces have the duty to the American people to come forward with the truth and the facts that can protect us all but have not because of this mad clown running our country into the ground.

The constant lies in this administration are appalling. This show is too ugly. I for one cannot keep my sanity if we have another four years of this. We need to vote for a man who will heal this nation. Our leaders need to stop seeing each other as evil and work for the good of our country.

impending storm
we hunker down and wait
hoping for the best