Ada's Poetry Alcove
1 min readJan 23, 2016


Day 22 — Pristine Snow- Haibun Journey Beauty Each Day

Today’s beauty is seeing the fat wet flakes of snow falling. The snow has blanked the brown winter yard and the autumn leaves. It has crowned the dried stems of coneflowers and autumn sedum. It has washed away the sounds of morning traffic. It has covered the flaws and impurities just like love does. The only activity is a flurry of birds on my back porch feeders and a squirrel.

covered in snow
the squirrel digs
finding a walnut

All day long the snow continues to fall, silence only broken by the call of a woodpecker. I venture out to take pictures. The snow is so deep it covers my boots and fills them. I stay out for awhile, but the cold pierces my gloves and my hands get too cold.

wet flakes stick
covering my eyelashes
wind blows fiercely

snowy afternoon
the cardinal cocks his head
feathers ruffle