Day –131-Haibun Journey Daily Thoughts — Daydreams & Quilting

Today I was working on redrawing my revisions for my backyard escape quilt. My problem, or one of them was getting distracted. I wanted to make sure that the flowers I was drawing would be blooming at the same time and in the same light conditions. Every time I’d research one I’d find and interesting flower I hadn’t heard of and then would half to check it out. Wanting to find flowers that bloom in a shaded garden made me think about my own very neglected shade garden. Then I found a few of my plants in the sunny bed should be in the shade garden. So next I start rearranging my gardens. Then I got distracted by the emails. One was about the declining western monarch situation and that got me thinking about more plants to get for my butterfly garden. Then that made me think about the wasp problem and I didn’t get much sketched for my quilt. I did however quilt the background without marking, with leaves that look like nasturtium. I think the quilting looks great and will look good as a background filler although most of it will not be seen.

grey morning
the hanging chime shushed
by the wind



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