Day 1205 — Slow Start- Haibun Journey Beauty Each Day

Today’s beauty was a slow start to the day. I went out and stood on the screened in porch and looked at the changing garden. Again a plethora of moonflowers were still open as were the yellow stars of the evening primrose. I watched a hunting bird take a long drink at the feeder and a dove drink from the amber dish atop our old porch pillar. I watched a monarch slowly visit the milkweed leaves, hopeful the it would be laying eggs. My husband came back with our stopped mail and we stood and looked through it as we talked about the work needed in the garden. Then together we watched the monarch sipping nectar from the come flowers. We watched several checker spots and a couple of white sulfas flutter about. A bonus was a back rub by my husband as we continued to talk about our daughter’s upcoming birthday and watch the monarch and another visit from the hummingbird. It was a perfect leisurely start to a busy day

morning chatter
three bluejays flapping their wings
woodpeckers tapping



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