Day 1202 — Laughter — Haibun Journey Beauty Each Day

Today’s beauty started out with a very early birthday celebration for my grandson’s 1st birthday. It was a morning filled with family, friends and laughter. When we got to the park we saw a bunch of sand cranes on the hill above the shelter. My son was decorating for the Supercalafragalistic party. Even setting up we had time for sharing laughter. Once my grandson warmed up to the people he was all smiles and laughter.

Then in the evening we all meet up at the SAC comedy club. It is all improvisational. It was very entertaining. I was not sure I was going to like it but it turned out to be very, very funny. I also liked that they did not have to get vulgar or use curse words to be funny. Any way it was a day filled with laughter and fun, a perfect ending to our vacation.

darkened highway
a red fox tries to sneak
into the theme park



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