Day 1201 –Water Critters — Haibun Journey Beauty Each Day

Today’s beauty was found in water. We went to the gulf coast today to Clearwater. It was my grandson’s first birthday and we spent it at the beach. The waters here were warm and not nearly as rough. The and my daughter found a few live critters. First she found a live sand dollar. It was fascinating to watch the ciii move ever so slightly. After photographing we let it go again. Next we found a Florida fighting conch. As much as my daughter wanted the shell she release this back in the water as well. On our way home we stopped by a little public park. There were several walk ways and docks out over a lake. Here we saw some very small ducks. The mother looked very fuzzy and young herself. Then we saw about eleven turtles. There were also a large array of Florida waterbirds.

interrupted suddenly
biting ants



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