Day 1035 –Children’s Theater — Haibun Journey Beauty Each Day

Today’s beauty was getting to see what my grandchildren learned in their five week theater classes. The youngest one’s class made up a group skit to the book The Big Plan. Of course my granddaughter was the one who ’s big plan was to ride a whale to Mexico. My grandson wants to be in musicals for a carrier. Unfortunately he can’t dance yet, even a little. On the upside he is a really good singer and has no difficulty learning the words. He is all ready wanting g to take another class and then try out for a part in one to the plays. He may be ten but he and the only other boy in the class were smaller than all the girls. Anyway they had a great time and it was beautiful to see all the different personalities of all the youngsters in the program.

floating on the breeze
a dried autumn leaf pretends
to be a butterfly



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