Day 1000 — The Right Thing to Do- Haibun Journey Beauty Each Day

This makes 1000 posts on finding beauty each day. The first year I wrote about the view from my window. Since than I can hardly believe I’ve written 1000 posts on finding beauty.

Today’s beauty is the new politicians attempting to do the right thing. The 1st executive orders in Maine restored health care to more than 70,000 people that were denied it by the previous governor. In Michigan the the first executive order was a law requiring immediately reporting of heath and safety issues such as those that caused the Flint Water Crisis,. In the House of Representatives H.R.1 was unveiled. I got to hear Rep John Lewis talking about the voter rights act and ending of voter suppression, This is a good government bill to clean up government and restore integrity. and create nation wide automatic voter registration, it stops anonymous gigantic donations to politicians, it also requires candidates for President and VP and sitting Presidents to disclose 10 years of their taxes These are just some of the far reaching changes for better democracy included in the bill.

Although the Republican will probably never let these things pas and Trump will never sign the bill if it gets to his desk, it lets us know that the Democrats have the American people at the forefront of their priorities. The Republican’s 1st bill when they retook control of congress made it even easier for mentally ill people to obtain a gun despite all the mass shootings. The happenings today show the possibilities of what good government could do. It gives us hope after to years of a president who lies every day. It restores the hope that voters can make a difference.

a falcon perches
above the traffic on a wire
white feathers ruffling

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