Tamika Mallory is a fiery outspoken New Yorker who has been a constant in the civil rights movement for almost twenty years. She is esteemed as a leader of social justice, an advocate and activist as well as a mother. Her work focuses on equal women’s rights and economic empowerment. It also focuses on gun violence, criminal reform and accountability of police officers.

She is a significant force amongst government officers, policy makers and other community advocates within her city. Tamika was one of the four co-chairs for the women’s march on Washington. This was the largest single day protest in US history.

raising a voice
for social justice
stirring fires

Marley Dias was fourteen when she made her first mark on history, that was in 2015. She founded the # 1000 BlackGirlBooks. This was a successful campaign which became an international movement to donate children’s books that featured black girls as the protagonist. The drive was launched November 2015 and…

Day — 512- Daily Haibun Journey — Julieanna Richardson

Julianna Richardson has a bachelors degree from Brandeis University in Theatre Arts and American Studies. Later she earned a doctoral degree in law from American University. Ms. Richardson discovered the power of oral history while in college and it was that experience that sparked her ideas for History Makers. It is the largest single archival project of since the WPA period in the 30’s where they recorded former slaves. The purpose of this archive is to preserve these firsthand accounts for future generations and to educate them on the educate individual accomplishments of African Americans and showcase those who were integral in the civil rights movement. This priceless collection contains between 15,000 and 20,000 recordings.

voices from the past
retelling our history
remembered truths

Day -511 — Daily Haibun Journey — Hadiyah-Nicole Green

Dr. Hadiyah-Nicole Green was the first African American to receive her doctorate degree in physics. She is known for the development of a method which using laser-activated nanoparticles as a potential cancer treatment. Hadiyah-Nicole Green came to career choice via personal tragedy. By the age of four she lost both her mother and her grandparents. She went to St. Lois, Missouri to stay with her Aunt Ora Lee Smith and Uncle General Lee Smith. Int in her early 20s, both her aunt and uncle were diagnosed with cancer.Hadiyah-Nicole Green now works as an assistant professor in the surgery department and started the Ora Lee Smith Cancer Research Foundation in honor of her late aunt.

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